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welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com

welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Top 10 Beatles' Women

Jane Asher
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There are many, many girls in their lives…and here are their top 10 women.

1. Yoko Ono

She’s so heavy…no other women could match her. She sang on 2 (or 3) Beatles’ songs, inspired many Beatles’ songs and many more John’s. Her name even appears on one of their song title. She’s the perfect combination of Bohemian lifestyle of Julia (John’s mother) and strict/strong personality of Mimi (John’s aunt) …and don’t forget (some say) she’s split the Beatles!

2. Pattie Boyd

She took a role in their first film (OK, I know she said only one word [!] in A Hard Day’s Night), sang on one Beatles’ song, inspired 2 best love songs ever (1 for the Beatles and 1 for Eric Clapton) …more…she even inspired Layla album and formed the legendary love triangle with George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

3. Astrid Kirchherr (Anyone can spell her name correctly?)

Coolest girl of the exis of Hamburg . Her photographs, her hairstyle and philosophy created their early mop-top image….

4. Linda McCartney

This beautiful photographer inspired late Beatles’ songs and many, many Paul’s. A permanent member of Wings. One of the pioneer of veggie movement.

5. Mary McCartney

Who can forget the woman who inspired Let It Be?. Her untimely death drove Paul to be a teenage-rock-and-roll-maniac.

6. Julia Lennon

She’s the one who taught John to play guitar (with banjo’s chords!)…inspired Julia and many John’s songs…impressed George and Paul with ukulele….and many more…..

7. Lucy O’Donnell

She’s the one that should take responsibility for LSD popularity in mid 60’s (She inspired Julian’s painting which inspired John’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, which inspired many, many Beatles fans…) Archaeologists named the most primitive female man/ape fossil Lucy from this song. Lucy was also the name of a lovely girl in the Beatles related movie I Am Sam.

8. Louis Harrison

She always encourage George to practice his guitar….let the Quarry Men performing in her home….an ideal mother for every teenager….

9. Barbara Bach (Starkey)

There’s always a place for Bond’s girl (or Bond’s femme fatale)…even in this list! The only Beatles’ wife that was actually a movie star.

10. Janice

Yes, she’s a stripper…but, my friend, she’s the only one female artist that had the Beatles as her back up musicians!!!

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