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welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com

welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beatles in San Francisco 1964

Press conference 8/18/64

Q: "How was your trip?"
JOHN: "Pardon?"
RINGO: "Very tiring."
JOHN: "It was sort of like a plane trip, you know... Boring."
RINGO: "We've been going seventeen hours now, you know."

Q: "How often do you get haircuts?"
JOHN: "Uhh, about once every three weeks."

Q: "Each of you?"
PAUL: "Yeah. Actually, it's cut."

Q: "This is your second trip to San Francisco, are you going to see more of it this time than you did last?"
RINGO: "Well, I only saw the airport last time, so I've seen more already."
JOHN: "Can you direct your questions so that everybody can hear them, please?"
PAUL: "Just a minute... Here's Derek. I'd like to introduce you..."
GEORGE: "A big hand for Mr. Taylor."
JOHN: "This is our press representative."

Q: "Who is your tailor?"
PAUL: "A fella called Millings of London."

Q: "In Savile Row?"
JOHN: "No."

Q: "Where?"
PAUL: "A little back street in London."
JOHN: "Old Compton Road. He keeps moving with all the profit he makes... Hmmmm hmmmm, he said."

Q: Are you working on another movie soon?"
PAUL: "Yes, in February."

Q: "Is it coming out then?"
RINGO: "No, we start making it."
JOHN: "We start making it then."

Q: "How frightened were you getting in that cage today?"
JOHN: "What cage?"
PAUL: "At the airport."
JOHN: Uh, it wasn't bad, 'cuz somebody had been up there and tested it."
RINGO: "In fact, all the press went up and tested it."

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