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welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com

welcome to beatlesof.blogspot.com
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Friday, April 24, 2009

John Lennon answers a fan's letter


From the Beatles book monthly No.2/1963.

Dear Beatles Book,

I'm a girl from Finland--you know, the country where polar bears walk the streets. I've heard and read very much about the Beatles and I've seen pictures too. But I've never heard the boys playing. Oh, I'm sad about that. The records haven't come to Finland yet but I'll keep waiting. Do they sing on their records? I've seen pictures where they're keeping their mouths open so I expect they do. I hope I didn't disturb you too much by sending a letter from so faaaar away. I with the Beatles could sometimes in the future come to Finland and then you can be sure they would get a big welcome. About those polar beats in the streets. That's a BIG lie. Here it is only Finnish girls who DRESS UP in polar bear furs! Wishing you good luck in the future.

Yours truly,
(signed) Gula Lindroos,
Helsingfors, Finland

John Lennon of the Beatles writes:

What a fab letter! I'm arranging for a copy of our new single "She Loves You" to be sent out to Gula...then she'll know we can't sing!

beatlesbook2-letters from Beatle people "Can they sing?"

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Loraine said...

OH MY GOD! this is so funny. "then she'll know we can't sing!" Hahah! this why John is freaking lovely. He's crazy.